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  • Spanish actress fakes career, trip to the Oscars by Photoshopping herself into pictures She then recalled chatting with host Neil Patrick Harris for “a good while” in a post-Oscars interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo. “I told him I was a fan of his role in ‘How I Met Your Mother,’” she said. But it was all a lie, according ...
  • EU chief says Spain has not exited economic crisis Juncker told top-selling daily Spanish newspaper El Pais that Spain's "biggest problem is unemployment". "With high levels of unemployment, and of youth unemployment in Spain, even if things improve we can't tell people, or ourselves, that the crisis is ...
  • Spanish police swoop on fugitive Ukrainian minister The former finance minister, who was presumed to be beyond Kiev's reach in Russia with Mr Yanukovych and Mr Azarov, was arrested at Altea Hills by the Civil Guard on Tuesday, Spain's ABC newspaper reported. The area, which has its own wooden Orthodox ...
  • 'Economic crisis not over for Spain' that the crisis is over,” said Juncker in an interview with the top-selling Spanish newspaper, El Pais. The comments by the EU chief clearly run counter to those by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who has repeatedly assured his people about a ...
  • The Vatican newspaper savages ‘clumsy’ film defending Pius XII But in an interview last year with a Spanish newspaper, Pope Francis strongly defended Pius XII, saying that the Vatican archives would show that his predecessor helped to rescue Italian Jews.
  • First ladies of fashion! Queen Letizia cuts an elegant figure as she welcomes the Colombian president's wife to Spain The foursome reviewed the troops and listened to their national anthems to kick off Santos's three-day long visit to Spain. No doubt Letizia, a former top newspaper and TV journalist had much to discuss with Santos, who is the former deputy director of ...
  • Vietto agent confirms Real Madrid interest Journalist and digital marketing specialist, has worked for prestigious Spanish newspapers such as, and Passionate about a number of sports, he's written a sports blog in Spanish since 2008, Real Madrid ...
  • Newspaper Guild reaches tentative agreement with El Diario The Newspaper Guild of New York has reached a tentative agreement with the parent company of El Diario La Prensa, the nation's oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper, that extends the union's contract with the company by two years and settles several ...
  • Spanish novelist Juan Manuel de Prada to visit Manila De Prada has also worked in Spanish newspapers and TV and radio broadcasting, which included directing and presenting the cultural debate program, “Lágrimas en la lluvia” (Tears in the Rain), in 2010. Many of his articles and works were controversial ...
  • Can Chavez’s Ghost Swing Spain’s Election This Year? In October 2002 the columnist and philosophy professor Gabriel Albiac wrote a column criticizing Chávez in the Spanish newspaper La Razón. The response of Luis Alegre was an outraged article published on the Internet, and recently erased, fantasizing ...
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