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  • Spanish Newspapers Suddenly Regret Forcing Google Out Of Spain Flickr/The LEAF Project Spain's newspapers now don't want Google to leave. The Spanish Newspapers Publishers' Association (AEDE) has called on the Spain government and European competition authorities to stop Google shutting its operation down there, the ...
  • Spanish newspapers beg for help as Google News closure looms Having lobbied hard for a Spanish law that forces Google to pay royalties for using snippets of articles in its News service, and having since seen the company say it would shut down Google News in Spain because it doesn’t make money off it anyway, Spain ...
  • Spanish newspapers blink first in Google News row It’s a case of “can’t live with or without you” for Spain’s newspaper industry, as Google prepares to shut down Google News in a row over copyright fees. Spanish newspapers successfully lobbied their government for a change in the law that would ...
  • Spain frets as Google promises to drop news service MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Google on Monday said it would deliver on its promise to shut down its Google News service in Spain on Tuesday as the country's newspaper lobby had second thoughts about irking the U.S. tech giant. Google announced last week that it would ...
  • Spanish Newspapers Say Bring Google News Back Back! Last week, the Spanish government began to clamp down on Google as the state is now requiring the search engine juggernaut to pay Spanish news publishers each time their content is listed on the website. Since the company is refusing to cave into their ...
  • Google Plays Hardball With Spanish Newspaper Association An effort by Spain’s main newspaper trade group to force Google to pay for the content it aggregates was meant to help buoy publishers struggling to turn traffic into profits. But it may have backfired, as Google shut down Google News in Spain on Tuesday.
  • Google News Says Adios to Spain ... publishers from its site on Tuesday as the aggregator chose to shut down its operations in Spain rather than pay Spanish newspapers for linking to their sites. The move comes days after Spain’s much-debated intellectual property law passed and weeks ...
  • Publishers in Spain Want Google News to Stay On After All In a repeat of what happened in Germany earlier this year, Spanish newspapers want Google to reverse its decision last week to shut Google News down in the country, citing the company's vital role in driving traffic to their sites. The Spanish Newspaper ...
  • Spain’s newspapers actually don’t want Google News to go In a rather ironic turn of events, some of Spain's newspaper publishers actually want Google News to come back. This after the search giant announced its withdrawal of Google News service in Spain due to a new law that would require Google to pay ...
  • Spain regrets Google News shutdown On the eve of Google pulling the plug on Google News in Spain, the Spanish newspaper publishers who had pushed for a stringent new copyright law seem to be having second thoughts about irking the Silicon Valley tech giant. Google has said it will shut do ...
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